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Polygraphica - 2016 Projects

- A Polytype Duplex Coater is purchased from Belgium and sold to a Company in Mexico.

- A Sanwa TRP1300 is purchased in the UK and sold to a machinery dealer in Spain.

- A W&H Alina 700 Flexo Press is purchased in the UK and sold to a multi national company in Germany.

- An Arpeco Impressionist which we had in stock is sold to Bulgaria. Polygraphica loaded and delivered the press to the customer.

- Another Bulgarian Customer purchases a Mark Andy LP3000 from the UK. Polygraphica load the press onto the customer's transport.

- Polygraphica supplies a fully refurbished Ashe 510 Turret Rewinder to Latvia. The rewinder underwent a full rebuild in our workshop. 

- Polygraphica sells a Bobst Lemanic 550A and a Bobst Lemanic 650A from the same UK factory to a Nigerian company.  Polygraphica supplies a full turnkey operartion, including dismantling, shipping, installation and training in Nigeria. 

- A Kroenert Coating Line is sold from South Africa to India. 

- A W&H Soloflex is purchased from Czech Republic and sold to the Philippines. We supply services to dismantle and ship the machine.

- A new start up in the USA purchases a MTC Napkin Line from France.

- A new start up company in Mexico purchases an MPS EF410 which was sourced in the UK. Polygraphica supplied the services to dismantle and ship the machine to the customer's factory.

- The same Mexican company purchases an MPS EF510 which was sourced from Chile.