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Polygraphica - 2017 Projects

- Omega / Domino rewinder is sold from the UK to Egypt.  Polygraphica dismantle and ship the machine.

- ABG Vectra Turret Rewinder is purchased and sold within the UK.  

- Somtas Bag Machine with printer is purchased from a UK company and sold to Russia.  Polygraphica provide the serives to dismantle and ship the machine.

- A customer in Tenerife purchases a Ashe 410 ATR Rewinder from our stock. (plenty of offers from our staff to check it arrives safely in Tenerife)

- Polygraphica purchase a Curioni Bag Machine from Bulgaria, we then dismantle and ship it to the new owner in Israel.

- A new start up in the UK puts their trust in Polygraphica to purchase their first press, a Mark Andy 2200 8 Colour Press, we also supply the services to dismantle, ship and install the press.

- A UK company, expanding into label production purchases an Edale 250S and a ABG Omega, Polygraphica make all the arrangements to deliver all the machinery to the customers premises.

- An unutilised DuPont Plate Maker releases funds for a UK label manufacturer and is boxed and shipped to South Africa.

- A label printer in Tblisi, Georgia purchases a Nilpeter F2400 from the UK.  Polygraphica dismantles and loads the press onto the customer's transport.

- Nilpeter FA3300 is purchased in South Africa and shipped directly to Mexico.  

- When Polygraphica has an ABG Vectra 410 come available, the UK customer who purchased earlier in the year, quickly puts their continued trust in Polygraphica and snaps it up.

- A Mark Andy 2200, 8 Colour Press is purchased from the UK and sold to Mexico. Polygraphica arranges the dismantling and shipping to Mexico.

- A customer in Italy purchases an 8 Colour Ofem Flexographic Press from our stock machines.