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Polygraphica provides used printing presses and paper converting machinery from the leading manufacturers in the printing, packaging and paper converting industries.

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About Laminators - Coaters - Waxers - Metalisers

Polygraphica buys and sells a wide range of used machinery relating to the Laminators, coaters, waxers and Metalisers for the packaging industry We can offer equipment such as film and sheet laminators, coaters for solvent, aqueous, wax, extrusion coaters, extrusion laminators, hot melt coaters,Metalisers for film foil and paper, Sheet fed varnishers and ancillary machines.We can offer Laminators, coaters, waxers and Metalisers equipment from the following manufactures that include, DCM, Schiavi, Uteco, Bone Craven, Steinemann, Rotomec, Dolci, Polytype, NordMeccanica, Leybold, General, Kroenert, Galileo, Er-Ew-Pa, Egan, Comexi, CML, Billhofer, and many others Polygraphica can provide the used laminators, coaters, waxers and metalisers that you need. Please feel free to search our listings of used Laminators, coaters, waxers and metalisers equipment, by clicking on the categories below

Nordmeccanica Simplex Solventless Laminator

CRN Number: 57746
Match Code: W90
Model Year: 1993

Davis Standard Beloit Bobst

CRN Number: 57728
Match Code: W30

Han Yong Extrusion Laminator

CRN Number: 57726
Match Code: W30
Model Year: 2001

Han Yong Korea Extrusion Laminator

CRN Number: 57725
Match Code: W30
Model Year: 2005

SAM Extrusion Laminator

CRN Number: 57723
Match Code: W30
Model Year: 2011

Galileo Mega 2 2410/A Metalizer

CRN Number: 57600
Match Code: W50
Model Year: 2002

Galileo 3320 Metallizer

CRN Number: 57599
Match Code: W50
Model Year: 2002

Nordmeccanica Super Simplex SL

CRN Number: 57597
Match Code: W90
Model Year: 2001

Nordmeccanica Super Simplex SL Solventless

CRN Number: 57580
Match Code: W90
Model Year: 2016

Comexi L20000 Duplex Lamination Water Based Press

CRN Number: 57577
Match Code: W60
Model Year: 2018

Polygraphica's Used Machinery Division provides a viable alternative to buying new machines, supplying quality used printing presses, used packaging machines and ancillary equipment.  Regarded internationally as one of the world’s leading suppliers, we have the ability to offer a complete after sales service and technical support.

With a client database of over 90,000 potential customers and around 1,000 machines on offer at any given time, Polygraphica are uniquely placed to service your specific needs, whether Buying or Selling