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Polygraphica offers a wide range of used machinery relating to the laminators, coaters, waxers and metalisers. We can offer film and sheet laminators, coaters for solvent, aqueous, wax, extrusion coaters, extrusion laminators, hot melt coaters, metalisers for film foil and paper. We can offer used machines from manufacturers Bobst / Schiavi, Uteco,

Steinemann, Rotomec, Dolci, Nordmeccanica, Kroenert, Comexi,

Please feel free to search our listings of used laminators, coaters, waxers and metalisers equipment below:

Refurbished Davis Standard Beloit Bobst

Davis Standard Beloit Bobst

Width: 1550mm Coating/lamination units: 3 Coating/lamination unit 1: Davis standard extrusion l...
Used 2001 Han Yong Extrusion Laminator

2001 Han Yong Extrusion Laminator

HAN YONG EXTRUSION LAMINATION Width: 1500mm Coating/lamination units Rotogravure primer x 1 E...
Used 2005 Han Yong Korea Extrusion Laminator

2005 Han Yong Korea Extrusion Laminator

Width: 2200mm Coating/lamination unit: 1 Rotogravure coating Drying hoods: x 2, length 2.5m Dr...
Used 2011 SAM Extrusion Laminator

2011 SAM Extrusion Laminator

Width: 1450mm Coating/lamination units: 2 x extrusion coating laminating, 2 x rotogravure coatin...