Industrial Converting Line For Laminated Towels

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Industrial Converting Line For Laminated Towels

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Perini unwind stand

Maflex Derl start/stop embossing lamination unit

Year: 2019

Perini 702G start stop rewinder for industrial towels, hand towels, toilet paper jumbo rolls

Year: 1998

Maximum working width: 2700mm

Speed: 450meters/minute

Steel/rubber embossing unit

Ply bonding unit

Perforation unit by 4 knives

Rewinding unit for maximum diameter: 350mm

On board tail sealing

Note: due to the fact, which the rewinder 702G is a start/stop one, also the Maflex Derl unit must open and not to add glue on paper while the rewinder does not run

For this reason the rewound rolls have an embossed but not laminated portion 70cm long, nobody never complained about that

Log transport conveyor + roll down table as log accumulator/distributor

Lyish electronic logsaw

Year: 2000

Maximum speed: upto 50cuts/min

Maximum cut diameter: 330mm

Shrink packaging end line CB conveyors 


ModelIndustrial Converting Line For Laminated Towels
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