2011 W&H Convertex valve bottomer for woven PP sacks

2011 W&H Convertex valve bottomer for woven PP sacks

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Sack width: minimum 35cm, maximum 60cm

Sack length: minimum 45cm, maximum 91cm

Valve sack bottom width: minimum 8cm, maximum 16cm

Bottom width of open mouth sack: minimum 8cm, maximum 18cm

Open bottom width: minimum 18cm, maximum 38cm

Bottom centre distance: minimum 35cm, maximum 75cm

Tube cut off length: minimum 53cm, maximum 109cm

Valve patch cut off length: minimum 8cm, maximum 20cm

Valve patch web width: minimum 17cm, maximum 33cm

Bottom patch cut off length: minimum 23cm, maximum 48cm

Bottom patch web width: minimum 7.5cm, maximum 17.5cm

Cooling water temperature: 200c

Cooling water pressure: 40n/cm2

Ambient temperature: minimum 160c, maximum 500c

Relative humidity at 260c: minimum 60%, maximum 95%


Output in sacks per minute:

Bottom width: 8-13cm, maximum 60

Bottom width: 14-16cm, maximum 50

Bottom width: 16cm, maximum 40

Obtainable output that can be realized depends on the quality of materials beings used,

sack size and design as well as the other interconnected units and the operators skill


ModelConvertex valve bottomer for woven PP sacks
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