2015 Laem System Doctoring Machine

2015 Laem System Doctoring Machine

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Working width: 800mm

Maximum outer diameter unwinding/rewinding: 1000 mm

Diameter cores unwinding/rewinding: 3”, 6”

Maximum mechanical speed: 600m/min

Unwind and rewind tension range: 25-250n

Taper tension: from 100% to 50% of the set tension

Web: Bidirectional

Electric power supply, drive: CA400v–50hz

Electronic power supply, service voltage: 12kw

Electronic components: Siemens

Minimum pressure of compressed air supply: 6 bar

Consumption of compressed air, humidity free: 70 l/hr

Noise level LpA:  80DbA

Safety standard: DM 2006/42CE

Maximum jumbo roll width: 800mm

Width of rollers/draw roller: 900mm

Maximum jumbo roll diameter: 1000mm

Unwind and rewind shafts: 2 x 3”, 2 x 6” shafts

Maximum jumbo roll weight: 800kg

Cores: good quality cardboard

Web guide stroke : ± 50mm

Rewind: central drive, with rubberized lay on roller across the full nominal width

Machine is CE certified and meets the international safety standards


ModelSystem Doctoring Machine
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