F&K Combi 1 Paper Bag Machine

F&K Combi 1 Paper Bag Machine

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Bag width: minimum 7.5cm, maximum 19cm

Gusset: minimum 4.2cm, maximum 11cm

Bag length:  minimum 17cm, maximum 40cm

Cutting length: minimum 23cm, maximum 46cm

Forming plates: 7.5 m, 8cm, 12.5cm, 13.5cm, 15cm, 19cm

Cutting gears: 26cm, 27cm, 30cm, 33cm, 34cm, 35cm, 36cm, 38cm, 40cm, 44cm, 45cm, 46cm

Machine has photocell for preprinted reels

Machine said to be in good running condition

Machine can be seen in production


ModelCombi 1 Paper Bag Machine
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