2015 Laem System Doctoring Machine VIS100-800

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Working width: 800mm

Materials: APET/PE materials, thickness range to be considered is 50–600µm

Speed: 600m/min

Maximum diameter reel unwind: 800mm

Rewind: centre driven with independent arms

Maximum diameter reel rewind: 1000mm

VIS is designed to correct alignment errors and to remove defective spans from finished reels of APET sheet

Machine is bidirectional, allowing the web to run through the machine in either direction

During first passage from right to left, the web is checked by the operator and if necessary the defective spans are eliminated with help of splicing table

Once the reel has been cleaned and rewound, it can be unloaded, or if necessary, processed again from left to right, especially if the material is printed

Splicing table is located in a comfortable ergonomic position and it is designed to facilitate the splice, top and bottom of rigid materials

Unwind and rewind tension range: 25-250N

Maximum outer diameter unwind/rewind:1000mm

Taper tension: from 100% to 50% of the set tension

Web direction: Bidirectional

Electric power supply, drive: CA400v, 50hz

Electronic power supply, service voltage:12kw

Electronic components: Siemens

Minimum pressure of compressed air supply: 6 bar

Consumption of compressed air, humidity free: 70l/hr

Noise level: Lpa, 80dba

Rewind parameters

Maximum jumbo roll width: 800mm

Width of rollers/draw roller: 900mm

Maximum jumbo roll diameter: 1000mm

Unwind and rewind shafts: 2 x 3”, 2 x 6”

Maximum jumbo roll weight: 800kg

Type of cores: good quality cardboard

Web guide stroke : ± 50mm

Rewind: central drive, with rubberized lay on roller across the full nominal width


ModelSystem Doctoring Machine VIS100-800
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