2014 Limax Beta 400HSS

2014 Limax Beta 400HSS

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Unwind section

Surface driven with dancers allowing smooth feeding of one jumbo roll

Photo electric edge guide

End of film detection device

Maximum film width: 1000mm

Maximum roll diameter: 600mm

Slit sealer and gusset former

Slitter knife with complete set of heater and controls

Two sets of gusseting unit, maximum gusset depth 100mm

Independent standalone frame

Two sets of mechanical guide

Bag machine

AC motor operated infeed roller

Set of dancer system

Fan blowers for proper film tension control

One photo eye for print registration

Servo operated draw roller of 800mm width

Split top sealing bar with independent heater units

Split bottom sealing bar with silicone lining on surface

Hot pins for bag collection

PLC controller for main machine

Horizontal collection tray for bags with rotating brush to smoothen out bags

Puncher table

Puncher conveyor table with side frame on rails

Two hydraulic pneumatic puncher for handle cut out

Two sets of gripper fingers mounted on rails

Mechanical finger to hold puncher cut out waste

Conveyor belt system for cut out waste

Automatic indexing conveyor

Technical specification

Bag width per lane: 150-350mm

Bag length: 300-650mm

Hot pin position: 110mm from top edge of bag

Maximum mechanical speed: 250cpm

Production speed: 180-200cpm, depending on film and bag specification


ModelBeta 400HSS
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