2009 Adtech Provera Cast Film Extrusion Line

2009 Adtech Provera Cast Film Extrusion Line

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Number of layers: 3

Film structure: ABC

Material: Stretch film

Film width: 2000mm

Speed: 600m/min

Output: about 400 tons of stretch film per month

Extruder 1 layer: A

Screw diameter: 80mm

Description: L/D30, hydraulic screen changer, AC motor, volumetric doser 2 comp

Extruder 2 layer ref: B

Extruder 3 layer ref: C

Head description: automatic die with thermo bolts thickness profile control

Dual chamber vacuum box

Chill roll unit: first 1000mm diameter, second 450mm diameter, width 2550mm

Automatic thickness control system, gauge with xrays

Web guide

Rewind: turret, suitable for jumbo and machine rolls, automatic reels unloading

In line edge trim recovery system


ModelProvera Cast Film Extrusion Line
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