2004 DMT TDO Unit For PVC Shrink Labels

2004 DMT TDO Unit For PVC Shrink Labels

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Material: PVC for shrink labels

Width: 2500mm

TDO: inlet with 450-1000 mm, outlet after stretching 1600-2800mm width, final width after trimming 2500mm, stretching ratio 1:2-1:5, chain type heavy duty lubricated 60mm pitch, clips 120mm pitch, feed zone 1.5m, pre heating 2 x 3m, stretching 2 x 3m, neutral 1 x 1m, cooling/healing 6 x 2m outlet 1 x 1.5m, 5 independent fans, 5 x contact joins, temperature 60/200c

Pull roll unit: with trimming

Rewind width: 2500mm

Rewind: turret automatic rewinder

Unwind: TDO

Turret automatic unwinder


ModelTDO Unit For PVC Shrink Labels
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