1995 Nishibe Pouch Machine

1995 Nishibe Pouch Machine

Available quantity: 1

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Type of sealing/bags: multiple type

Type of bags: 3 side weld vacuum bags, stand up pouches, doypack on 2 lanes

Bag length: both, 3 side and stand up, 1 lane 100-680mm, 2 lanes100-340mm

Bag width: 1 or 2 lanes same size, pouch 3 side weld, 60-600mm, in case double welding required maximum width 260mm pouch, stand up 60-520mm, in case double welding required 260mm maximum width

Unwind: width 1420mm diameter 800mm

Cycle/min: 50

One or 2 lane production

Bottom width: 1 lane 40-160mm, 2 lanes 40-120mm

Wide set of spares available

Large set of equipment and spare parts


ModelPouch Machine
Stock Number56982
Match codeI07