2000 Kiefel blown film extrusion line

2000 Kiefel blown film extrusion line

Available quantity: 1

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Number of layers: 3

Material: LDPE, LLDPE

Film width: 2400

Output: 450kg/h


Extruder 1 layer: A

Screw diameter: 70mm

Extruder 2 layer: B

Screw diameter: 90mm

Extruder 3 layer: C

Screw diameter: 70mm


Head description: automatic with Innoplast control system

Die diameter: 450gap 1.7mm

Thickness control system: Kundig

Bubble cage

Take off unit: oscillating make Macchi

Corona treatment: Ferrarini & Benelli

Web guide

Rewind: back to back Macchi Boplus

Rewind maximum reel diameter: 1000mm

Thickness: 20my to 300my


ModelBlown Film Extrusion Line
Stock Number56863
Match codeI09