2006 Dolci Cast Film Extrusion Line

2006 Dolci Cast Film Extrusion Line

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Number of layers: 5

Film structure: A, B, C, B, D

Material: Stretch film, LLDPE/LDPE

Film width: 2000mm

Output: 1000kg/h

Extruder 1 layer: A

Screw diameter: 75mm

AC drives

Extruder 2 layer: B

Extruder 3 layer: C

Extruder 4 layer: D

Head: Cloeren, automatic

Chill roll unit: 1500mm

Thickness control: electronic system

Rewind maximum reel diameter: 450mm

Rewind: suitable for jumbo, machine reel automatic, hand reels

Winder: Atek Provera, year 2014

Robot for putting reels on pallets and packaging

Gravimetric dosing units: Doteco


ModelCast Film Extrusion Line
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