2018 Plasco Bausano Esde Kampf MD75 Medica

2018 Plasco Bausano Esde Kampf MD75 Medica

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Number of layers: 1

Material: PVC EVA, medical film stainless steel frame but it could be used for non medical film and for EVA films

Extruder 1 layer: A Bausano MD75 Medica

Screw diameter: 75-24D

Sheet width: 700mm

Contra rotative twin screw, speed 8 to 80rpm, 5nb of heating zones, 1 water cooled, 2 air cooled, 2 x 15kw, 34kw screw motor power

Output: 130kg/h PVC, 100kg/h EVA, maximum output 200kg/h, PLC control Gefran

Head: Farcon, manual flexible top lip gap adjustment

Film thickness: 200-500my

Maximum output: 200kg/h

Heating zones: x 7

Die width: 2 flat dies width 700mm, maximum film 600mm and width 550mm, maximum film 450mm

Polishing stack/calender lines unit: ESDE, 3 rolls stacked, separated drives

Pneumatic cylinders: x 2

Polishing roll diameter: 250mm

Calander roll diameter: 350mm

Cooling roll diameter: 350mm

Roll width: 800mm

Engraved polishing rolls: x 2

Polished hard chromed: x 1 + 2 engraved, available calander and cooling rolls

Speed: 2-20m/mm

Oil maximum: 1800c, roll tempering

Water roll cooling

Nip roll not cooled take off unit

Material width maximum: 700mm

Film thickness: 200-1000my

Rewind: Kampf turret winder cantilevered design with 2 winding stations

Maximum winding diameter: 500mm

Maximum net production: 600mm width

Internal core diameter: 105

Knives: x 3, 2 webs 2 trims slitting, 2 edge trim winders

Maximum speed: 50m/min

Tension: 20-60n/m

Pneumatic pressure roll

Taper tension and pressure

An extrusion/calender line with flat die

Maximum final film width: 600mm, die 700mm

Film thickness range: 200 to 500µm

Dosing unit: Plasco GLV 80 CV

Gravimetric technology

Maximum output: 250kg/h

Thickness measurement: Mahlo Qualiscan QMS 12 with laser detection on traveling, working width 650mm

OCS FSP 600 Film Inspection Device

High speed camera with working width: 650mm

Web cleaning: Gema Hildebrand Xstream 8.8P + IONstream with dust suction + electrostatic neutralizing Working width: 650mm, 2 sides, air flow 636 m3/h

Cartridge 28m2/ blower 5.5kw filtering system

Output voltage: 6kw ionizing

Finished roll handling: Dalmec Partner Eco Pec with pneumatic self balanced arm

Maximum handled weight: 150kg

Gripping toll with rotation horizontal to vertical and expansion mandrel: 105mm


ManufacturerPlasco Bausano
ModelEsde Kampf MD75 Medica
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