Schiavi Patriot rotogravure

Schiavi Patriot rotogravure

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Number of colours: 8

Print possibilities: 7 + 1, 8 + 0

Drive: Cardan

Trolley system

Web width: 1430mm

Print width: 1400mm

Print repeat range: 400-1000mm


Drying specifications

Units 1 to 7: 1 blowing fan each unit, single drying hood 2.5mt and one main exhaust fan

Unit 8: double drying hood 2 x 2.5 mt, 1 blowing and 1 exhaust


Automatic air recirculation unit with LEL control by Nira for all units

Drying heat source: thermo oil heaters

Unwind: turret automatic

Maximum reel diameter unwind: 1000mm

Rewind: turret automatic

Maximum reel diameter rewinder: 1000mm

Video camera: BST

Register control: Bobst S3100

Viscosity control: 8 automatic Selectra

Corona treatment: Mero

Print cylinders: 900 already engraved

Trolleys x 14

Fire protection system on all units



ModelPatriot rotogravure
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