1997 Curioni Sunmaster 540 + Lisheng 4 Colour Flexo Press

1997 Curioni Sunmaster 540 + Lisheng 4 Colour Flexo Press

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Reel fed Square bottom paper bag making machine with in line twisted handle unit.

LISHENG 4 colour reel to reel stack printing machine.


Paper bag making machine:-

Bag width: 220-540mm, bag width with handles: 240-540mm

Bag length: 320-650mm, bag length with handles: 320-550mm 

Bottom width: 80-200mm

Cut length: 400-780mm

Reel width: 720-1430mm

Maximum reel diameter: 1500mm

Inner core diameter: 76mm

Weight of paper: 80-130gsm

Twisted cord handle making unit:- 

Type of handle twisted paper cord or cotton with a twisted paper core

Twisted paper cord diameter:  4-5mm

Handle width: 100mm 

Patch height: 50mm

Patch length: 200mm

Reels width:  100mm

Maximum diameter of paper reels for patches: 1050mm

Inner core diameter: 76mm

Weight of usable paper for patches: 90-130gsm

Machine visible in operation


Lisheng Printing Machine YBT 41500, Year 2019

Stack type roll to roll 4 colour flexographic printing press

Width: 1500mm

Double face printing: 0 + 4, 2 + 2, 3 + 1

Chamber doctor blade with auto ink pump: 4 pieces

Ceramic anilox roller

Web guide

Air expanding shafts: 2 pieces

Hydraulic lift and down printing roller

Mitsubishi auto tension controller: 2 sets

Big roller friction rewinding part

Hydraulic rewind and unwind

Video inspection with camera

Crane for printing section

Siemens main motor 


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