2007 Uteco Onyx 876GL

2007 Uteco Onyx 876GL

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Fast sleeve change

4 motor per deck CNC position system

Computer supervision

Web width: 1250mm

Print width: 1200mm

Minimum print repeat: 330mm

Maximum print repeat: 800mm

Unwind: turret - Maximum reel diameter unwind: 800mm

Rewind: turret - Maximum reel diameter rewind: 800mm

Drying: 2 zones, 4 fan, 2 gas burners

Video camera: BST with print assistance features

Web guides: BST EK1000

Inking system: closed chamber doctor blade

Register control via camera

Reel loading gantry

Ink pumps: x 8

Air shafts: 4 x 76mm, ir shafts: 4 x 152mm

Approx 190 print sleeves

Approx 15 anilox rollers


ModelOnyx 876GL
Stock Number57813
Number of colours8 Colour Gearless CI
Web width1250mm
Print width1200mm
Repeat range330mm - 800mm