2020 Ashe Pal 4 Spindle Turret Label Slitter Rewinder

2020 Ashe Pal 4 Spindle Turret Label Slitter Rewinder

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Material to be run: die cut self adhesive labels      

Material maximum width:  520mm

Unwind core i/d: 3”

Slitting facilities: driven rotary shear slitting

Minimum slit width: 20mm

Tolerance: 0 to 0.38mm

Rewind: 4 positioned turret

Rewind start i/d: 25mm, 40mm, 76mm

Maximum rewind diameter: 16” in 4 spindle mode

Maximum machine speed: 250m/min

Machine speed is dependent upon material to be run, material quality finished reel profile and operator skills

Cut and transfer: 100m/min-40mm and 76mm cores, 90m/min-25mm cores

Rewind shafts: lug type air shafts, 4 x each core size listed

Minimum cycle time: 25 seconds based on 5 x slit lanes across

One off base 4 spindle Opal 520 turret with 800mm

Unwind diameter including 3” airshaft and web guide, off line model                                                                                                               

Motorized unwind reel lift                                                                                                            


Rotary shear slitting knives: 10 sets                                                                      

Rewind airshafts: 4 x 25mm

Rewind airshafts: 4 x 76mm

Glue less cinch start facility                                                                                                                          

Label tail closure, standard system no print                                                                     

Automatic core loader via chute system for

ID cores: 25mm, 40mm, 76mm

OD cores: 31mm, 46mm, 82mm                                     

Additional Contrast sensor for cycle cut to mark feature                                                

Rewind shaft support during turret cycle                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Automatic rewind offload system to offload chute                                                             

Counter off during run facility via push button                                                                    

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ModelPal 4 Spindle Turret Label Slitter Rewinder
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