Ultrasonic Anilox Cleaner PTS-U-428

Ultrasonic Anilox Cleaner PTS-U-428

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The device is designed for cleaning aqueous solutions specially designed for cleaning Anilox rollers

Application of ultrasonic energy allows for more accurate cleaning of the surface

Ultrasound generation properties allow for very gentle and thorough washing of complicated details with delicate surfaces


PTSU428 cleaner is equipped with

Washing tank

Stainless steel lid

Ultrasonic generators and transducers

Electric heaters

Ball valves for draining

Overflow pipe

Roller rotation system

Adjustable feet


Tank capacity: approximately 46 L

Tank dimension, usable: 1420 x 250 x 130mm

External dimensions: 1520 x 500 x 880mm opened, 810mm closed

Roller work dimensions: diameter 155 x 1400mm

Weight: 80kg

Heating power: 3.6kw

Generator power 50khz: 1.0kw

Generator power 100khz: 1.0kw

Total power: 5.0kw

Power connection: 3 x 400v + N + PE

Heating maximum temperature: 600c

Time adjust: 0-60minutes


Device is made of stainless steel AISI 304 grade, without the supporting structure, valves and pump controls


Ultrasonic generator ULT911A

Power supply: 230-240v

Power: 500w

Control IC: TL494

Operation output frequency: 50 or 100khz

Capacitive load: Piezo transducer



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