2002 Galileo Mega 2410

2002 Galileo Mega 2410

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Working width: 2400mm

Materials: Polyester film 8 to 65my, BOPP film 8 to 50my, CPP film 15 to 75my, Paper 50gsm to 175gsm if thickness is higher than machine speed needs to be reduced

Mechanical speed: 90-840m/min

Maximum diameter reel unwind: 1000mm

Maximum diameter reel rewind: 1000mm

Evaporation boots: 27, 120 x 35 x 10mm

Pumping down time: 10g/min max quantity of evaporated Alu per boat

Pumping: 3 independent vacuum chambers with independent pumping systems to increase the efficiency of the vacuum

Metallization chamber

Diffusion pumps: x 3 capacity 50.000l/s

Root pump: 5500m3/h

Cryogenic panel: 200.000l/s

Polycold PFC 1100

2 pump with rotating piston, 505m3/h

Rewind chamber

Root pumps: x 2, 13.000m3/h capacity

Root pump: 5500 m3/1

Cryogenic panel: 200.000l/s

Polycold PFC 1100

2 pump with rotating piston 505m3/h

Guard chamber

Roots pump: 2400m3/h

Roots pump: 1000m3/h

Polycold: 2

Material deposited Alu, diameter of Aly wire 1.6mm, recommended 99.8% purity

Output 20 tons per day, calculated for 12mic polyester film in maximum width, minimum7m width 1200mm, maximum 2400mm core

Core id: 6inch

Unwind tension range /tension on capstan unit: 3.5 to 65kg/90 kg

Diameter of process roller: 500mm

Additional cooling system Corema chilling unit for main process drum: -20c

PLC, drives and control: Siemens S7 with Simoreg drives for the machine and process control, via supervision PC

Evaporation boats are controlled by a separate cabinet with Eurotherm drives

Maximum absorbed power: approximately 340kw

Two carriages for faster loading and unloading operations: 1st one on rewinding system, 2nd on the evaporation system which is fully extractable from the machine body to facilitate the cleaning procedure

Optical control RF

Digitally control rewinding unit

Two ceramic plated rollers, 2 bowed spreader rollers, oscillating arm on the rewinder with tension sensing control system

Hydraulically driven robotic handling system by ICAP Group for the loading of the jumbo roll and unloading of the finished rolls

Air shafts: x 3


ModelMega 2410
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