2010 Quanzhou Minmetals Cast Film Extrusion Line

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QUANZHOU MINMETALS cast film extrusion line

Number of layers: 3

Film structure: ABC

Material: CPP and CPE

Film width: 1600mm

Mechanical speed maximum: 150m/min

Production speed: 80-120m/min

Output: 5-7tons, 24 hours

Extruder 1 layer: A

Screw diameter 1: 65mm

Description 1: l/d36:1

Extruder 2 layer: B

Screw diameter 2: 120mm

Description 2: l/d36:1

Extruder 3 layer: C

Screw diameter 3: 65mm

Description 3: l/d36:1

Head: air knife width 1900mm

With adjustable lip

Edge catcher both electric pinning and air nozzle

Die width: 1900mm Verbruggen

Chill roll unit: water cooling

Refrigeration compressor power: 30kw

Thickness control: Scantech, France

Automatic profile control APC

Surface corona treatment unit

Rewind maximum reel diameter: 700mm

Rewind: automatic film winder

Winding width maximum: 1700mm

Change of film roll by automatic flying knife cutting

Automatic tension control

Three pieces of air shaft: 3inch

With servo motor to drive the rubber roller


Total power: 420kw

Machine dimensions: length 19.36m x width 4.7m x height 4.5m

Machine weight: 35tons approximately

Edge trim and recycle unit

Static eliminator

Two position screen changer

Sensor pressure controller

Calender roller diameter: 800mm

Roller length: 2000mm

Oscillating system


Year of manufacture: 2010

Location: Europe

Reference: I57892


ManufacturerQuanzhou Minmetals
ModelCast Film Extrusion Line
Stock Number57892