2002 MB Hot Melt, Wax Coater Laminator

2002 MB Hot Melt, Wax Coater Laminator

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Application: Lamination + coating

Lamination/coating: hot melt

Working width: 1700mm

Materials: Paper and board, Film and Alu foil, secondary unwind

Speed: 400mpm

First unwind: single position shaftless double brake for paper and board

Maximum diameter reel unwind: 1000mm

Second unwind: single position shaftless for film and Al foil

Rewind: surface driven shaftless

Maximum diameter reel rewind: 1900mm

Coating: trolley based with wax, hot melt trolley and semi flexo trolley

Second coating: gravure for primer coating

Drying: 3 meter tunnel with one blowing, one exhaust fan, one gas burner for

lamination unit with semi flexo trolley

Primer gravure unit is equipped with: double hood, each 3mt length, 18 blowing air slots,

2 blowing fans, one exhaust fan, two gas burners, automatic recirculation unit, Nira Lel control

Pumping mixing: melting unit Nordson for wax coating

Anilox: x 6

Sleeves: x 40 for gravure coating nip roll

Possible operation

Wax coating laminating: Paper, Alu foil or paper film and primer in line

Wax paper coating one side or double side

Hot melt coating

Water based lamination wet bond paper, Alu foil with semi flexo trolley and primer inline


ModelHot Melt, Wax Coater Laminator
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