2010 Bobst RS4003 MP 1000/350/C

2010 Bobst RS4003 MP 1000/350/C

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Bobst Rotogravure Machine, 11 colours

Model: RS4003 MP 1000/350/C

Year of manufacture 2010

 Main Jobs:  Printing up to 11 colours (last 3 units reversible) + Unit 12 Hot Melt

 Web width 500-1050 mm

Printing width 1025 mm

Max mechanical speed 350 m/min (with print cyl. repeat 500 mm)

Min operating speed 30 m/min

Heating indirect with thermal oil

Main Characteristics

Power supply voltage 400V+/-10% - 50 Hz+/-2% + PE without neutral

Web direction left to right (looking from operator side)

Compressed air 6 bar

Duplex automatic unwinder

Unwinder max reel dia 1020 mm

Unwinder min reel diameter (for automatic splice) 350 mm


Precondition group

Printing units with single ventilation hood x 8

Printing units with double ventilation hood x 3

Cartridges for rotogravure printing (incl. steel tray, inking bars, splash guards, etc) x 20

Printing unit 11 can perform in register rotogravure cold seal coating to side opposite to print

Trolley for cold seal coating x 1

Web reversing bars group

Printing units

Printing cylinder circumference range 450-920 mm

Unit 12 Hot Melt

Duplex automatic rewinder

Rewinder max reel dia 1020 mm

Pre register system (TAPS)

Web guiding unit, Bobst

Automatic colour register, Bobst Registron S5100-E4

Web Viewer, Quadtech (Baldwin) Web viewer F230

Web Viewer, BST Eltromat, Super handt scan 4000

100% defect detection system, Isra Surface Vision GmbH

Detecting/control of solvent concentration level (LEL), Honeywell Zellweger integrated

UPS/voltage stabilizers


Tension control

Antistatic bars, Enulec

Viscosity controllers, Bobst 1660 RT-C

Electrostatic printing assist, Enulec ESA 1000 compact

Corona treaters x 2 (10KW and 6 kW), Me.Ro srl

Labelling machine, Herma

Carbon dioxide fire suppression system (CO2)

Refrigerating plants x 2 (both Industrial Frigo)

Printing cylinder pre-washing system

Materials to be handled

BOPP 15-60 my  -  PET 10-60 my  -  BOPA 15-60 my  -  Paper/Laminates 20-150 gsm


ModelRS4003 MP 1000/350/C Rotogravure Press
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