2010 Relox Technik GmbH Regenus 2030 vII Regenerative Thermal Oxidiser

2010 Relox Technik GmbH Regenus 2030 vII Regenerative Thermal Oxidiser

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Relox Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer with Heat Exchanger

Relox Technik REGENUS 2030 v II

Key data

Nominal 30 000 Nm3/h; max 40 000 Nm3/h

Heat thermal oil exchanger included, 1000kW

Clean air emissions: max C 20 mg/Nm3; CO 100 mg/Nm3, NOx 100 mg/Nm3

Gas consumption: ~60 m3/h at no solvent and max volume; ~40 m3/h at 1g/Nm3 and max

Volume; ~20 m3/h at 2g/Nm3 and max volume

Heat recovery ~95%

Building method: 3-separate-chamber-plant

Oxidation temperature: ~800-900 C

Burning chamber temperature max: 1000 C

Type of solvent: ethanol ~30%, ethyl acetate ~70%

Solvent Concentration: min 5% LEL, indicates lower level of burning without gas, max 25% LEL

Heating value of solvent mix: approx. 7000kcal/kg

Min gas consumption: 4.75 m3/h

Power supplies & consumption

Gas: natural gas, Hu=10 kW/Nm3

Gas pressure: 80-200 mbar (flow pressure)

Gas burner max capacity: 800 kW

Electrical power: 400 V / 50 Hz

Electrical consumption ~58 kW

Installed electrical power: 75 kW

Pressurized air: 6 bar, dus-t, oil- and water free / dew point +30C

Pressurized air consumption: 16 m3/h

Dimensions (w/o process fan and hot oil heat exchanger)

Length: 10.2m x Width: (w/o burner stage) 3.3m x Height 5.7m   

Weight ~45t


ManufacturerRelox Technik GmbH
ModelRegenus 2030 vII Regenerative Thermal Oxidiser
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