2014 Windmoller & Holscher Optimex Blown Film Extrusion Line

2014 Windmoller & Holscher Optimex Blown Film Extrusion Line

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Number of layers: 3

Film structure: ABC

Material: LDPE, LLDPE

Film width: 2200mm

Extruder 1 layer: A

Screw diameter 1: 70.30D, outer layer

Description 1: screw speed upto 180rpm

Extruder 2 layer: B

Screw diameter 2: 90.30D, core layer

Description 2: screw speed upto 140rpm

Extruder 3 layer: C

Screw diameter 3: 70.30D, inner layer

Description 3: screw speed upto 180rpm

Head: blown film die head for 3 layer film 315/500 3 P2K

Die diameter: 500mm

Thickness control: Module G3, gravimetric dosing and throughput control for 3 extruders, Inoex

Bubble cage: film sizing and stabilizing cage with coated CFRP rollers

Working width: 550-2200mm

Precise calibration of the film bubble through accurate adjustment equipment

Motorized central tube diameter adjustment and height adjustment

Ultrasonic bubble control for highly dynamic direct blower control without mechanical control elements

Web break sensor, shut down of extruders immediately after web break is detected

Corona treatment:  L for two sided treatment of the collapsed tubular film

Working width: maximum 2200mm

Power output: maximum 12k

Dose: 26.09wmin/ma² at v=100m/min

5mm segmental electrodes allowing skipping of treatment in web flow direction

Ozone extraction including pipes between the treatment station and the extractor fan

Web guide: E+L for a working width of 2200mm

Ultrasonic sensors: x 2

Electronic sensing system

Rotating frame

Rewind: double back to back

Rewind maximum reel diameter: 1200mm

Rewind: maximum reel width 2200mm

Maximum weight: 2500kg

Extruder combination mainly comprises:

Direct drive with maintenance free AC motors and thermally very stable and water cooled frequency inverters grooved bush temperature controller for homogenizing of the feed rate depending on the raw materials, including central water temperature control unit

Low temperature barrier screw, LT

Screw length: 30D

Homogeneous melt quality screw and feed barrel in long lasting

Low wear material combination operation and data display provided at the operator station

Procontrol line speed maximum: 150m/min

Screen changer fans for film cooling magnet separator for the extruder combination 70/90/70.30D


ManufacturerWindmoller & Holscher
ModelOptimex Blown Film Extrusion Line
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