1989 Windmoller & Holscher T1441 flat Handle machine

1989 Windmoller & Holscher T1441 flat Handle machine

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W&H T1441 Flat Paper Handle Machine

An essential addition for manufacturers aiming to deliver high-quality paper bags with integrated flat handles.

Ideal for use in various industries, including food, retail, supermarkets and footwear.

Key Features:

Fully Automated Operation: Streamlines the process of producing and attaching outer flat paper handles to block bottom and cross bottom bags.

Versatile Bag Size Options: Bag width: 18 – 35cm | Bag Length (or Height): 22 – 45cm

Efficient Handle Production: Utilizes 45 mm wide paper strips to form durable handles, applied to both the front and back of the bags with precision folding and gluing mechanisms.

High Throughput: Capable of producing up to 75 bags per minute, translating to approximately 35,000 bags in a standard 8-hour shift, enhancing your productivity and output.

Technical Specifications:

Machine Dimensions: 2.20 x 3.00 meters

Weight: 2750 kg

Production Rate: 75 handles per minute

Paper Strip Width for Handles: 45 mm

Glue Type: PVA Based Glue System Ready.

Operational Advantages:

Simple and Intuitive: Designed for easy operation and minimal downtime, allowing for quick adjustments and maintenance.

Compact and Robust Design: Occupies minimal floor space while providing a sturdy and reliable performance.


ManufacturerWindmoller & Holscher
ModelT1441 flat Handle machine
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