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Polygraphica - 2019 Projects

Due to the high quality of service provided by Polygraphica, we are seeing more and more customers returning for repeat purchases for their capital machinery.  

- A Nordmeccanica Laminator is purchased and sold within the UK.  Polygraphica dismantle, ship and install the machine.

- A Kampf Slitter Rewind is purchased from Holland and sold to East Africa.  We load the machine on to the transport provided for by the buyer.  

- A KDO 250 Label Press is sold within the UK. The new owner uses their own engineers and transport to collect the machine.

- A large UK Label Supplier purchases an ABG Digicon 2 located in Spain.  Polygraphica provides a turnkey contract by dismantling, transporting and installing the Digicon 2.

- A Canandian customer purchases a MPS EF330 from the Wales.  Polygraphica supplies the service of dismantling the machine into the containers provided by the new owner.

- A refurbished Mark Andy 4150 8 Color Label Press is sold to a previous customer in Poland. The customer sends his own engineers to dismantle and transport the press.

- A well established Canadian Company purchases 2x FMC Bag Machines from Polygraphica's stock.  We provide the service to load and transport the machines to Canada.

- A Gallus EM280, 5 Colour Label Press is purchased from a UK company, and sold to Germany.  The machine is collected by Gallus engineers.

- Sold from our stock, Polygraphica supplies a refurbished Ashe Label Rewinder to a Label Company in Greece.  This is the company's third purchase from Polygraphica.

- Polygraphica arranges the sale of a 16 Colour Mark Andy Flexo Press. The press is supplied from USA to a large label manufacturer in Canada.

- A large 10 Colour Cerutti Rotogravure Press is purchased from UK and sold to USA.  Polygraphica supplies engineers for 12 weeks to dismantle and pack the machine for shipping to the USA.

- One of Polygraphica's regular customers in the Ukraine purchase another Mark Andy 2200, this time from Germany.  We provide the engineers to dismantle the press and load onto the customer's transport.

- Next up was an ABG Vectra, purchased from Eastern England and supplied to a customer in Macedonia.  We arrange the loading onto the customer's trailer.

- A Nordmeccanica Laminator is purchased from a UK company and sold to an engineering company in Italy.  The machine will be fully refurbished before finding a new home in Egypt.  

- We travel back to Spain to purchase another ABG Digicon, this machine is purchased by a regular company in Moscow, Russia. We assist with the buyer's engineers to load the machine.