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Tresu - Consumables and Spare Parts

Chamber Doctor Blade Specialists for over 25 years.

Polygraphica have been supplying consumables and spare parts for Tresu Chamber Doctor Blade Systems for over 20 years, this ensures we have the knowledge and technical back up when you need it.

All consumables items for Tresu Chambers are kept in stock and are sent by next day delivery on orders placed before 2.00pm.  Orders placed after 2.00pm will be sent the following working day.

Email:  service@polygraphica.com for a free quotation on any spare parts, doctor blade and Tresu Seals.

Tresu Chamber Seals:


Supplied in sizes D2, D3, D4 and D5 we will have your seal in stock whether you use EPDM (black seals) for both UV and water based applications or Desmopan (clear seals) for water based only applications.

Lithodoc Doctor Blade Material:

Developed over 20 years experience, Lithodoc Doctor Blade is available in a full range of materials and sizes to meet individual customer requirements. 

100m and 50m length coils - supplied in a dispenser box                                     

Pre-cut doctor blades to any length desired by customers

Lithodoc Bonus Doctor Blades - A high quality carbon steel blade, ideal where non-waterbased inks are used, giving excellent doctoring, supplied with or without a lamella edge.

Lithodoc Flexo Doctor Blades - Used for general doctoring, providing a good balance between performance and economy. We recommend for non-waterbased inks only.

Lithodoc A Doctor Blades  -  Our best selling doctor blade made from stainless steel.  Combines excellent doctoring with water corrosion resistance, prolonging the life of the blade and minimising blade changes. Available with or without a lamella edge.